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reACT Training

reACT Training - Design and development

  Level Basic

Female Entrepreneurship and how to stimulate entrepreneurial attitude and soft skills (COU_1B_EN)

Interest in female entrepreneurship has grown up in recent years. There has always been a lower participation of women than men in the creation and growth of new enterprises. However, recently, there is a major awareness that female entrepreneurship can have a positive impact on economic prosperity. This training focues on the importance of female entrepreneurship to the economy as well as some of the additional hurdles faced by women starting a business such as attitude, soft skills and self- confidence.

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How to set up a business (COU_3B_EN)

There are no limits on who can become a great entrepreneur. You don't necessarily need a college degree, a bunch of money in the bank or even business experience to start something that could become the next major success. However, you do need a strong plan and the drive to see it through. In this article it is possible find out important points to set up a business and some important tips and remindings for business rules.

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ICT Tools for Entrepreneurs (COU_4B_EN)

In this course, we present the most useful tools to manage your online business. These are services and platforms developed and used by experts, that will help you bring audience and potential customers to your website, and improve your organisation and your enterprise image.

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  Level Advanced

Development of an effective Business Plan (COU_1A_EN)

This module analyses useful tools for an entrepreneur: • Business Plan • Business Model To write down an effective Business Plan, this module indicates the formal requirements and the sections in which the document is divided (Executive Summary, Company Summary, Product/Service Description, Market Analysis, Strategy Implementation, Management Summary, Financial Information). The business model is a synthesis tool that describes the ideas, the purpose, the gain, the costs, the activities and the communication of the entire project.

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EU Tool Services and opportunities for Entrepreneurship (COU_2A_EN)

To promote and support entrepreneurship EU provides key support networks, tools and resources: Guidebooks on internationalisation support for micro-enterprises, an extensive Export Helpdesk; formulation of the Enterprise Europe Network as a support tool for the internationalisation of micro-enterprises, providing advice for international growth. With this course you will learn all the opportunities offered by the EU.

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Online Communication and Visibility / Internationalisation (COU_4A_EN)

This course offers extremely accessible, learnable, teachable contents that basically any woman entrepreneur can use to create and scale her new ideas.

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