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our Consortium


Our education centre started to serve as a public education center in 1970.

Our institution has 1 Director, 3 Assistant Managers, 25 teachers and 3 Servants. There are 20
classrooms, 4 administrative rooms, 1 multipurpose hall, 2 computer laboratories, 1 work training workshop for the disabled, 2 work training workshops for adults, 1 painting workshop ,indoor sports hall for 1500, 1 foreign language lab in our institution. Since our field is adult education, we provide education in all schools in Cihanbeyli district and everywhere if we see , it is available to education.
The number of students participating in the course in one year is between 4000 and 5000, and the number of master teachers is around 150.

Our institution which is a part of the Administration of lifelong Education provides adult education for individuals from 7 years to 100 years old.

Some of our projects as Cihanbeyli Public Education Center:

1. We open the culinary culture courses in order to not to be forgotton the traditional Turkish
2. In the courses we open for the first time to revitalize tourism in the region, We give to shape the wire and we make souvenirs at Salt Lake.
3. We opened courses in the field of traditional children's games.
4. We organize activities to re-create local folklore
5. Intermediate staff equipped with the business sector are trained through vocational courses.
6. Activities and seminars on "The Trainings of Fighting Against Addiction " are held in the schools affiliated to our district
7. Hygiene training courses are organized in the field of food and beverage services and the trainees are informed.
8. Courses have been organized in the field of agriculture and livestock so that our farmers are both more knowledgeable and conscious, as well as benefiting from the European Union Projects.
9. Informatics courses such as computer use, computer system installation, maintenance and repair and web design are organized for local people.
10. Skill courses for disabled people are being prepared for the life are provided.
11. We have organized artistic courses such as charcoal, oil paint, ebru.
12. We give a lot of family training course to families that have children between 0-18 years old.
13. We provide tailors, sewing courses in the field of textile for housewives to contribute to their own family budget

Trainees trained through our courses are able to solve the problems they encounter in life easier with the training they receive. Qualified work force is created and employment contribution is provided.

They take personal development trainings that they can not get in school life through organized institutions through formal education and they provide both material and spiritual benefits in these lives with these trainings.

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