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our Consortium

Köşk Halk Eğitim Merkezi – Aydın , Turkey

Our education institution started to service as a public education center in 1992.

ADMİNİSTRATİVE STAFF : A manager ,2 Assistant manager ,4 Teachers ,2 Attendants
in institution ; 4 classes, ,3 administrative rooms, ,a computer laboratory.
As our institution is adult learning, it is open to education in all schools in köşk district and
everywhere you have seen.

Trainees number that join in course is between 3000 and 4000 in a year.in 2018-2019 academic
year 1'st term ,was opened 97 courses in district center and villages;2238 traineers have been
participated to these courses. 4 regular teachers,6 engineers,17 teachers ,30 master trainers,3
public servants and a vet have been served in these courses.

As Köşk passed to district status in 1992, institute which started to service and continue trainings in a different public buildings , moved to old government building 2016-2017 academic year 1'st term, it began to hold down its activities in this building.

Trainees of study in appropriate ambiance by determined regularly necessities of classes ;as
lesson,workshop,tools ,machines was served the purpose according to technological developments.

Some of the courses are at the center building,some of them are in villages determined building nonformaleducation center belong to .

In addition, within project ' schools get life' ; in field of sportive,culturel,art courses started at the formal-education centers.

Some of projects that we have done as Köşk Public Education Center :

1.we provide job to adult by opening cook assistant course
2.in order to keep alive turkish culturel we are open up turkish folk dances at all schools in köşk
3. we organize seminars and activities about 'struggle educations with dependence' at schools
4.we are open up hygiene education to businessses in food and water sector
5.we organize olive prunning ,fattening cattle,dairy cattle and beekeeping courses ,we contribute to
our farmers to be more wise,conscious and benefit from national projects
6.we organize informatics courses like use of computer ,computer system installation,maintenance and web design for local people
7.we organize skill courses for mental retardeds at intermediate level and heavy level
8.there are art courses like ebru,wood painting to adult learning education in our institute
9.we institute clothing courses,thus ,housewifes contribute to family budgets

By means of their courses that they get educated, trainees can solve easily the problems with that they run across in the life. it is contributed to create qualified labor and employment köşk publiceducation center is a formal institution and our specialty is adult learning education
Our district with 27000 inhabitants,it is provided to activities,seminars,conferences and courses foradult learning . these courses are lectured by expert education teachers and handcrafts instructors in ateliers.

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