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reACT Multiplier Event in Italy organized by Demostene Centro Studi

DEMOSTENE Centro Studi organised an event in ITALY, in Mesagne to mamaximise Project and outcome’s impact and visibility.
The event was held on 29th September in the conference room of the Asse academy attracting 16 participants from differents organizations.

The Event had the following agenda:
- Welcome and Registration of Participants
- Introduction: REACT in the context of the Erasmus Plus Programme
- IOs/Presentation of the 3 IOs: Platform, gender gap assessment, Trainig contents, Video training
- Presentation of the Consortium, Project objectives and targets
- Panel discussion / debate on the issue of the gender gap and female entrepreneurship
- Final Remarks and Closing of the Multiplier Event
Speaker: Gianfranco Gatti

The events aimed to show Project’s outcomes and to disseminate realised IO. It was a “One-Off”, which means that it take place only once-

The events aimed to show Project’s outcomes and to disseminate realised IO.
The event gathered HE institutions, students, representatives of businesses, enterprises and business support organizations wishing to support the empowerment of females, as well as local and regional decision makers. The meeting had three main goals: to spread information about European Commission initiatives aiming to support women entrepreneurs, to raise awareness about thereACT project and its outputs and to formulate policy recommendations as well as action steps in order to make entrepreneurship more equal.
Gianfranco Gatti Senior Grant Advisor at Demostene Centro Studi presented the main goals and outputs achieved over the last 2 years. Initially, a research study was carried out in the seven partner countries providing empirical data and a sociological understanding regarding women entrepreneurs, followed by an innovative training contents. The Online Educational Platform offers a free e-toolkit in various languages to ensure the broadest outreach. All training contents and Video training was elaborated empowering female students to pursue their business ideas.

At the end of the meeting a panel discussion took place where the highlights of reACT outputs were presented and testimonials from project participants were given.
To conclude, the tran-sectoral character of the event allowed informations and experiences exchanges, knowledge of respective ideas, strategies and activities, ideas collection and sharing, stimulation of creative solutions.

Gianfranco Gatti closed the meeting by thanking the consortium for their valuable contribution to the project that received so far positive feedback from the target groups. Summing up the discussions of the event, she highlighted that cooperation and co-creation are essential in the process of making entrepreneurship more equal. Actions should take place at various levels: at individual level self-confidence and the improvement of competences are to be addressed, while an the system level joint action is needed. If more equality is reached at system level, the necessary finances will be available as well.