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reACT project presented in AMUPEMA, an association of women entrepreneurs in Málaga, to inspire entrepreneur-to-be with ICTs skills

Within the framework of the project REACT co-finanded by the Erasmus+ Commission, Internet Web Solutions, was invited by AMUPEMA, an association of women entrepreneurs in Málaga to host an online training course on July 8th, 2021 exploring how to enhance adult women entrepreneurship aptitude through ICTs skills.

IWS presented REACT project objectives that perfect share the goal to support the use of technology and the development of digital skills in education across Europe. The project perfectly meets the aims and goals of AMUPEMA, a sort of social and business influencer in Málaga that deals with business, women and entrepreneurs. It aims to increase and strengthen the business areas of companies and female entrepreneurs at a local and national level.

More specifically, Roberta Albertazzi, CEO of IWS focuses on action related to digital and business skills training for women, which addresses the gender digital divide in the entrepreneurship sector.

The interactive event gathered around almost 30 people who were enthusiastic and partecipated actively. Initially the project was designed to be carried out in person, but due to the situation created by COVID-19, it has been run online exploiting maximum impact in terms of online learning and digital skills.